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January edition in all good shops this week!

Regular news and views from Ireland’s leading maritime newspaper. The printed January edition is in all good shops and online this week, covering all the major developments as reported by Ireland’s leading maritime newspaper.

  • Marine Times Podcast

    This week’s Podcast is the latest edition of the MARITIME IRELAND RADIO SHOW.

    The show examins the 10,000-yar-old fish species found in Irish lakes and why they future of the species is threatened.

    “The Irish people don’t know how bad it is for the fishing and coastal communities. The last time this was done was the plantation of Ireland, when the land was taken from our people and given to somebody else, now our fishing has been taken and given to somebody else.” That tough comment indicated the bitterness felt in the fishing industry in West Cork over the Brexit deal. That viewpoint can be heard also from the Chief Executive of the Irish South and West Fish Producers’ Organisation in Castletownbere West Cork, Patrick Murphy.

    The programme also hears about several developments on the offshore islands.

    Listen to the Podcast here»

  • NEWS

    Marine Department Statistics Contradict Minister

    The Department of the MARINE has prepared a “preliminary analysis” of the transfer of quota shares from Ireland/EU to the UK under the Trade and Co-Operation Agreement. They indicate both financial cost and quota percentages.

    It estimates the total loss to Ireland’s fishermen at €43 Million which contradicts the lower figure of €34 Million given by Marine Minister Charlie McConalogue and Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney after the deal was agreed on Christmas Eve.

    Ireland’s Quota Loss after Brexit Deal increases to €43 Million The Dept of the Marine has released a preliminary analysis of the transfer of quota shares from Ireland/EU to the UK under the Trade and Co-Operation Agreement.

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  • NEWS

    Why Have State Agencies Not Moved to Protect and Develop Anchovy Fishery?

    A potential big fishery has been discovered off the South/West coast, but State agencies are accused of not developing it. One of Ireland’s top marine scientists - Kevin Flannery, based in Dingle, is very unhappy about this.

    There are no quotas on this species which offer a new fishery at times when the industry needs development. But there has not been a strong, supportive response from State agencies to what fishermen are reporting as a possible new fishery which could be developed at a time when the Irish industry needs new opportunities. Anchovies have been recorded in Irish waters since 1870 when they were first seen off Ventry in County Kerry. Dr.Flannery has noted and published information about the species previously.

    The Marine Institute has said that the arrival of the species has been “noted.

    Listen to Kevin Flannery here on this week’s MARINE TIMES PODCAST where he outlines his concerns about the lack of support from State agencies. He is interviewed by Deputy Editor, Tom MacSweeney.

    Listen to the Podcast here»

"the Department of anti-fisheries" »

Call for Designation of More Irish Ports, a Dedicated Junior Fisheries Minister and Reform of the Department of Marine: Fr John Joe Duffy a native of Burtonport hails from a tradition of fishing in his family until the 1990's has some strong views on the current situation in the Irish fishing industry locally and around the entire coast of Ireland.

"Not only does the recent actions of the Department anger me, they infuriate and enrage me. It really saddens and angers me greatly that our small rural coastal fishermen are bearing the brunt of ignorance and outright stupidity of those sitting in swivel chairs making decisions for those whose hard lived working conditions and lives that they failed to understand and care less."


There are fears in Scotland that its €1 billion Euro seafood trade with the EU could collapse over Brexit. Deliveries of Scottish seafood to the EU were halted after post-Brexit problems with health checks, IT systems and customs documents caused a huge backlog

This is reported as “plunging Scottish fishing into crisis” as lorry-loads of live seafood and some fish destined for shops and restaurants in France, Spain and other countries were rejected because they were taking too long to arrive. New Brexit rules require every box of seafood and fish to be offloaded from lorries and inspected by vets before it leaves Scotland.

Barbarella fishing for sprat in Donegal Bay - Photo by Pauric Diver
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January edition coming to all good shops soon!

The weekly news and comment review from Ireland’s leading maritime newspaper. The printed December edition is in all good shops and online now, covering all the major developments as reported by Ireland’s leading maritime newspaper.

  • Marine Times Podcast

    While the full impact of the Brexit Agreement on the fishing industry is still being assessed there is an increasing belief that the government has failed fishermen once again.

    The Podcast interview this week is with the Chief Executive of the South West Fish Producers’ Organisation, Patrick Murphy.

    Marine Times Deputy Editor, Tom MacSweeney, put to him the views expressed to this paper from various sectors of the industry, that the outcome of the Brexit negotiations seemed to be that the French industry did best because its government ensured protection of French fishing interests, while the Irish government had not.

    Listen to the Podcast here»

  • NEWS

    The Brexit Outcome

    Department of the Marine officials have spent the past few days seeking assistance from the country’s fish producer organisations to compile lists of Irish fishing boats for the UK authorities and the EU which would be allowed into British waters after Brexit.

    It appears that pre-Agreement resolution preparations for compiling such a list were not completed by the time it was signed off on Christmas Eve. The Marine Time understands that Department officials had ask POs if they could provide details of non-members to enable a full Irish list to be compiled.

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  • NEWS

    Government must stand up for Irish coastal communities

    Sinn Féin spokesperson on Fisheries and the Marine, Pádraig Mac Lochlainn TD, has called on the Taoiseach and the Minister for the Marine to stand up for Irish coastal communities and to immediately seek a re-negotiation of access to Irish fishing waters following the outcome of the Brexit trade deal.

    Teachta Mac Lochlainn said: “The outcome of this Brexit trade deal amounts to another 15% cut in quota and income to our Irish fishing fleet that was already struggling to survive. The response from the Taoiseach and Minister McConalogue to this deal shows that they are not really listening to Irish fishing communities.

    Read the full article here»

45-Year Career Coxswain Leaves Baltimore »

One of the best-known RNLI Coxswains has retired. After 45 years’ service Kieran Cotter of Baltimore, West Cork, stood down on Wednesday last, December 30.

At age 17, Kieran first became interested in Baltimore Lifeboat and joined the crew on January 1, 1975. He was involved in the 1979 Fastnet Race rescue operation when Baltimore was the first lifeboat launched and spent the longest time at sea during the tragedy. Kieran was also involved in the rescue of Taoiseach Charles J. Haughey in 1985 after his yacht sank having hit the Mizen.

Howth RNLI rescue Trawler stranded in Irish Sea »

Howth RNLI launched the all weather lifeboat to rescue a fishing trawler with steering problems just off Skerries in North Dublin on the morning of 30th December.

The RNLI pagers sounded at 3.02am on Wednesday 30th December to reports of a fishing vessel in difficulty south east of Skerries. The all weather lifeboat was launched and located the stricken fishing vessel which had no steering and unable to manoeuvre. The volunteer lifeboat crew took the fishing vessel in tow and brought the vessel to the safety of Skerries harbour.

Change is Necessary! »

Following an urgent request made for an immediate meeting with Government from Ireland’s Fishing Industry to discuss the devastating impacts the EU / UK deal will cause to befall Ireland’s Costal fishing Communities in the aftermath of the signing of the Brexit agreement, the Minister with responsibility for the Marine Charlie Mc Conalogue organised a Webex for 1.30 pm on Monday 28th December.

Each Industry representative was given plenty of time to speak and communicate our views to the Taoiseach and his Ministers. A common thread between us all was the unfair and disproportionate share our Irish Industry was now expected to bear in order to ensure a deal was agreed enabling continuing Trade between Europe and UK that would ensure continuing access to Markets while avoiding Tariffs.

SeaFit programme is a first for North East Scotland »

A project dedicated to the wellbeing of fishermen, former fishermen and their families around the north-east has been launched in a first for Scotland. Working at sea is one of the most challenging jobs in the UK so getting fit and healthy and staying that way can be difficult.

Live Life Aberdeenshire is working in partnership with the Fishermen’s Mission and Seafarer’s Hospital Society, supported by Seafarers UK, to deliver the SeaFit Programme. A UK-wide initiative, its aim is to deliver sustainable improvements to the mental and physical health and wellbeing of active and retired fishermen and their families.