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News 24th January:
€35m Infrastructure Fund for Local Authority Piers & Harbours

Minister for the Marine, Charlie McConalogue T.D., today announced a new €35m scheme to rejuvenate local authority public piers and harbours throughout coastal communities. The record funded scheme is proposed for funding under the EU Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR) and was one of the recommendations of the Seafood Sector Taskforce which was established by the Minister following Brexit.

Announcing the scheme, the Minister said “This record funding for our coastal communities is an unprecedented opportunity for us to invest in our publicly owned piers and harbours and will shape the future of our coastal communities. Brexit has and will continue to affect our seafood sector in a unique way compared to other industries. I am delighted to be able to offer this level of investment so that we can deliver safe, accessible, lasting infrastructure and support economic diversification right around our coastline.” Full story here


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News 18th January:
SFPA to Strike from Midnight Wednesday 19th January

Fórsa have advised management at the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) on 11th January last that the union was reactivating industrial action which had previously been suspended (in March 2021), and a 24-hour work stoppage by all 110 Fórsa members at SFPA is to commence from midnight Wednesday (19th January).

Fórsa members at the SFPA, who are represented by the union’s Marine branch, voted overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action in February 2021, in a dispute involving the findings of an independent review of the SFPA carried out by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC). Fórsa had agreed a proposal with management to undertake a joint approach to implementing a series of 47 recommendations emerging from the review. Full story here

News 14th January:
Inshore Sector Raise Concerns with Brexit Inshore Fisheries Business Model Adjustment Scheme

In a statement from the NIFA / NIFO, the organisations say that; "Given that the past two years have probably been the most challenging in recent memory for the Inshore Sector and bearing in mind the numerous and serious challenges that lie ahead, any meaningful support for the sector can only be welcomed. Provisional feedback from the majority of our members suggests the Minister’s announcement has been broadly welcomed by them. We are however waiting for the full detail of the scheme to be made available to make a more detailed analysis.

"Some serious and valid concerns have been raised regarding the eligibility reference period of January to June, something we believe is not in line with the Seafood Sector Taskforce Recommendation. For many genuine operators, inshore fishing takes a seasonal pattern, particularly for those with smaller boats involved in the shrimp fishery, who with little opportunity to avail of in the first six months of the year, would traditionally make the vast majority of their income in the latter half of the year." Full story here

News 12th January:
Brexit Inshore Fisheries Business Model Adjustment Scheme

Minister for the Marine Charlie McConalogue today announced a support scheme for the inshore fisheries sector to assist inshore fishers in adjusting to the impacts of Brexit on their businesses. The Brexit Inshore Fisheries Business Model Adjustment Scheme delivers on a recommendation of the Report of the Seafood Task Force – Navigating Change (October 2021). The scheme will be implemented under deminimis rules and is proposed for funding under the EU Brexit Adjustment Reserve.

nouncing the Scheme, Minister McConalogue said: “The Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and the UK had significant negative impacts for our fishing industry. Our inshore fishers have been particularly and uniquely impacted by logistical and route to market difficulties as exporters of live shellfish and other highly perishable seafood products. These difficulties have added costs to the business model of our inshore fishers and in reducing the shelf life of these highly perishable products have impacted negatively on the sector. Full story here


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The January edition of the new Maritime Ireland Radio Show & Podcast by Marine Times Deputy Editor, Tom MacSweeney, deals with ships, ports, whales, marshes, shipbrokers, shells on the sea shore and, even, butterflies.

News 5th January:
Tommy Tops One Thousand Euro in aid of Kilmore Quay RNLI

11-year-old Tommy Kehoe was one of approximately sixty swimmers who completed the fundraising challenge, 20 Dips in December, on the Little Beach in Kilmore Quay on New Years Eve (31 December) in aid of Kilmore Quay RNLI.

Organized by three local ladies, Melinda Kehoe, Grainne O'Brien and Simmi Duffin, 20 Dips in December, saw local swimmers take part in, not one, but twenty sponsored swims in the sea during the month of December Full story here

News 3rd January:
Naval Service Boarded 269 Vessels for Nine Arrests in 2021

The Naval Service boarded 269 fishing boats for inspections during the year according to the Defence Forces ‘Year in Review’ issued on December 30th. These resulted in nine detentions. Irish, British, French, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian, Belgian and boats from the Faroes were inspected. Full story here

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