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  • Minister Creed addresses family complaint to Ombudsman regarding the Lost at Sea Scheme

    Minister Creed announced today that he has taken steps to address a complaint made by the Byrne family regarding the application made by Ms Winifred Byrne to the Lost as Sea Scheme in 2003.

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    with Tom MacSweeney


    I like good quotes and these were top-class about the marine sphere. They contrasted on the positive and the negative and came from two leading figures in the marine sector.

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  • Minister Creed launches public consultation on trawling activity inside the 6 nautical mile zone

    The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed today launched a public consultation on trawling within the 6 nautical mile coastal zone. This consultation is taking place after a number of concerns were raised by stakeholders regarding the level of trawling inside the 6nm zone. The topic has been the subject of scientific and economic reports by the Marine Institute (MI) and Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM) and preliminary engagement with fisheries representative groups.

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  • New Regulations Fail to Give Fishermen Right to Appeal Penalty Points: The Question Which Has to Be Asked

    This question has to be asked – is it the Minster or his advisors who are determined to subject fishermen to the rigours of a penalty system which defines them as lesser-class citizens before the law?

    “The Statutory Instrument placed before the Dáil by Minister Creed seriously undermines the rights of individual fishermen and vessel owners throughout the country, and it bizarrely bypasses both the Circuit and District Courts by establishing a new structure which is answerable to no one other than the Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority."

  • Will There Be a Public Consultation Process for Vessels Fishing Inside 6 Mile Limit?

    Following on from reports in last month’s Marine Times Newspaper, a decision has yet to be made by Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed on the proposal to launch a public consultation process on what vessels should have access to fish stocks inside Ireland’s six-mile limit.

    Two reports, one from BIM and the other from the Marine Institute were circulated by the Department to the Fish Producer Organisations, to NIFF and by extension to the 6 RIFFs late last year seeking ‘provisional observations’ from all on the issue, and on the two reports.

  • Still No Publication of Coast Guard Kilkee Tragedy Investigation or of Volunteer Review

    “The Coast Guard organisation has a fundamental problem with its interaction with volunteers, which probably stems from the naval training of some of its employees,” says former ICRG volunteer.

    There is still no indication when the external review of volunteering within the Coast Guard will be published. Work on this review has been going on for some time.

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Bord Iascaigh Mhara to Increase Visibilty of Women in Ireland’s Seafood Industry

Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM), Ireland’s Seafood Development Agency, today, 6th March 2018, launched a promotional campaign to profile the important role women play in Ireland’s Seafood Sector. The Irish Seafood Sector contributed €1.15 billion to Ireland’s GDP in 2017. However women’s participation in the industry remains low. Just over one in ten (11.7%) employees in fishing, forestry and agriculture sectors in Ireland is female. This is significantly lower than the EU average of 36.9%. ‘I am Monica Buckley and with my husband Niall Deasy I own, and run, DC Fish in West Cork. I knew little about the fisheries industry until I married into it but for over twenty years now it has become my life. With so much of my husband’s catch going overseas I set up a business adding value to the seafood - Fish Seafood Deli and between the businesses we employ over 25 people.'

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This Island Nation

There are over 170,000 users of an Irish-developed maritime safety and rescue system worldwide, but Irish people are much slower to use it. On this edition of the maritime programme, THIS ISLAND NATION, we hear from the man who developed what is regarded around the world as a system which fills a critical gap in maritime safety awareness. But why are the Irish so slow to use it, even though it is free-of-charge?

The programme also hears that offshore island residents are not happy with the Government’s continuous delays in working with them on long-term planning for the future of the islands and the programme joins in the campaign to get rid of plastic from the world’s oceans

These are amongst the topics from coast-to-coast on this, the maritime programme for Ireland - THIS ISLAND NATION, presented by Marine Times Deputy Editor, Tom MacSweeney.


Mary Robinson confirmed as key note speaker for Our Ocean Wealth Summit 2018

To mark International Women’s Day, organisers of Our Ocean Wealth Summit are delighted to confirm former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, as key note speaker for this year’s Summit taking place in Galway on Thursday and Friday, June 28th and 29th. Now in its fifth year, the Our Ocean Wealth Summit forms a key part of the Government’s integrated marine plan - Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth.

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We Continue to Harm Ourselves

In a hard-hitting article the Chief Executive of the Irish Fish Producers’ Organisation says the inspection of foreign vessels landing into Irish ports is meaningless and that there should be an onus on the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority to ensure that such vessels can prove what quotas they have. He says that Ireland is discriminating against its own fishermen and is ignoring the need for controls on non-Irish EU vessels fishing in our exclusive zone. This is a challenge to the Minister for the Marine, the Government and the SFPA to explain their actions.

Rogues Gallery in the Marine Times Newspaper

    Arklow volunteer lifeboat crew Sinead Myler, Jimmy Myler and Coxswain Ned Dillion join fundraiser and marathon runner Mary Nolan Hickey fresh from completing her ‘Lap of the Map’ run around Ireland, in Glendalough, Wicklow to launch RNLI Mayday, a month-long campaign to fund new lifeboat crew kit.

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