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News 26th Feb:
Seafood Sector Taskforce Announced

The Minister for Agriculture Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue T.D., today announced the establishment of a Seafood Sector Taskforce. The Taskforce is established to make recommendations to the Minister on measures to mitigate the impacts of the fish quota share reductions, arising from the EU/UK Trade & Cooperation Agreement, on the Irish Fishing industry and on the coastal communities that depend on fisheries. Read More Here

News 23rd Feb:
IIMRO Given Recognition as a Seafood Producer Organisation

The Minister for Agriculture Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue T.D., today announced the recognition of the Irish Islands Marine Resource Organisation (IIMRO) as an EU Producer Organisation. Read More Here

News 22nd Feb:
Disappointing Marine Fund Excludes Irish Islands

Green Party MEP and Spokesperson for the Marine Grace O’Sullivan, has expressed disappointment at a number of ‘shortcomings’ in the €6bn EU fisheries fund announced earlier today. Speaking after a PECH (fisheries) Committee overwhelmingly voted in favour of the European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF), Deputy O’Sullivan said it’s bad news for small-scale Irish fishers. Read More Here

News 19th Feb:
Criticism of RTE’s ‘slanted’ anti Irish fishing industry programme

In an open letter to the RTE broadcasting complaints department, IFSA (the Irish Fishing & Seafood Alliance) has accused the tv station of a “complete misrepresentation of Ireland’s fishing industry as well as attempting to mislead the general public on the current state of the industry”. Read More Here

News 17th Feb:
Government Takes Next Step Towards Marine Protected Areas forming 30% of Ireland’s Maritime Area

The Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Darragh O’Brien, and the Minister for Heritage and Electoral Reform, Malcolm Noonan, today launched a public consultation on the process of expanding Ireland’s network of marine protected areas (MPAs). MPAs are geographically defined maritime areas with certain protections for conservation purposes. The Government aims to expand Ireland’s MPA network from 2.13% to 30% of Ireland’s maritime area by 2030. Read More Here

The Crying Game

A ‘dirty tricks’ campaign against Ireland’s call for justice is the latest EU Commission stunt - in a bid to shut up the Irish fishing industry’s recent demands following the blatant lack of fair play in the fiasco from the UK/EU BREXIT negotiations which has seen Ireland lose more quota than any other EU member state - writes Cormac Burke, Chair of the Irish Fishing & Seafood Alliance (IFSA) Read More Here

WANTED! Octopus

Kevin Flannery has a request for our readers: "Just in relation to the Octopus article last month by Declan Quigley, we would be interested in obtaining a few of these guys for display and to record their feeding habits, Vincent O Regan’s one is still on display, so please contact me at" See Video of Octopus Here


    Two Stories of Rescues from the Sea

    On this edition two stories of rescue from the sea – one from storm-tossed icy wastes all alone – another a forgotten child, brought to safety from a sinking passenger ship. Two stories of determination for survival.

    For 80 years Patrick Murphy has tried to find his rescuer, but has not been successful. He tells how the Maritime Museum of Ireland helped him honour the unknown rescuer. It is a powerful story that will create its own memories for the listener.

    Listen here»

  • NEWS

    So much for justice .... Relative Stability Cast Aside by EU

    A cornerstone of the management of EU fisheries has been the implementation of a system known as ‘relative stability’ but, says the Irish Fishing & Seafood Alliance (IFSA), the EU Commission has cast aside this ‘fair’ method of allocating quotas when they recently concluded a BREXIT agreement that disproportionately disadvantaged Ireland relative to the other remaining EU member states. There was no regard for ‘burden sharing’ - a matter that must be urgently addressed.

    Read report here»

  • NEWS

    “Nothing More Than a Bunch of Thieves”

    Following remarks made by a Senior EU Commission Representative, Patrick Murphy CEO of the Irish South and West Fish Producers’ Organisation is stating publicly and placing on the record his opinion that the Commission are nothing more than a bunch of thieves.

    Read report here»

Kilmore Quay's 'Atlantis' Now Available Nationwide at the Click of a Button »

Atlantis of Kilmore Quay, the leading seafood specialists for over 26 years, launched its e-commerce website - - this week. The advent of the site means that people all over Ireland now have access to the unrivalled range of fresh, sustainably sourced fish and seafood that Atlantis of Kilmore Quay can offer.

Having supplied top restaurants, hotels and food shops across the country successfully for many years, Atlantis of Kilmore Quay set up a home delivery service overnight to help people during the first Covid 19 lockdown to get seafood delivered to their homes so that they could avoid the risk of shopping in store. Text messages, phonecalls and Facebook messages were used to let people know what was available and to take orders. News of the service spread through word of mouth.

ICCB Orders Innovative New Chartwell Landing Craft to Bolster Offshore Fleet »

Irish Commercial Charter Boats has contracted Arklow Marine Services to build the adaptable 12m aluminium vessel - Landing craft certified by MSO, bolstering Irish offshore supply chai

Irish Commercial Charter Boats (ICCB), Dublin’s premiere boat charter company, has ordered a bespoke 12m landing craft from Chartwell Marine, a pioneer in next-generation vessel design. The vessel will be built at the Arklow Marine shipyard and looks set to hit the water in Summer 2021. With a number of large-scale energy projects on the horizon in Irish waters, the vessel has been developed by Chartwell Marine to meet ICCB’s expanding operational requirements, including surveying, assisting with cable landing and transporting supplies and personnel to near-shore offshore installations.

"the Department of anti-fisheries" »

Call for Designation of More Irish Ports, a Dedicated Junior Fisheries Minister and Reform of the Department of Marine: Fr John Joe Duffy a native of Burtonport hails from a tradition of fishing in his family until the 1990's has some strong views on the current situation in the Irish fishing industry locally and around the entire coast of Ireland.

"Not only does the recent actions of the Department anger me, they infuriate and enrage me. It really saddens and angers me greatly that our small rural coastal fishermen are bearing the brunt of ignorance and outright stupidity of those sitting in swivel chairs making decisions for those whose hard lived working conditions and lives that they failed to understand and care less."



    Discussing Future Marine Developments

    From fishing to buying a boatyard, a research vessel and a plane, a man from the village of Ballycotton in East Cork tells this edition of MARITIME IRELAND why he is investing €10m. in his belief in the importance of putting coastal communities and offshore wind energy developers in touch to discuss future marine developments. The programme also offers to take listeners on a 20-minute tour around five oceans inspired by Dublin solo world sailor, Gregor McGuckin and locates where the Donegal Finman has got to in his attempt to swim around Ireland.

    Listen here»

  • NEWS

    "Your Voice in Our Industry"

    A New organisation to represent all sectors of Ireland’s fishing, seafood and ancillary service industries: Following ever-increasing demand from those in the fishing and seafood coastal communities nationwide a new organisation, the Irish Fishing & Seafood Alliance (I.F.S.A.) has been established

    Read report here»

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    Ireland’s new world class marine research vessel to honour world renowned Irish explorer Tom Crean

    Ireland’s new marine research vessel will be named the RV Tom Crean. Due to be completed in summer 2022, the new state-of-the-art multi-purpose marine research vessel will carry out a wide range of marine research activities, including vital fisheries, climate change related research , seabed mapping and oceanography.

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A spot of net mending at Ardglass by visiting vessels - Photo by Chris Feenan
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