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Podcast 10th April:
What IFA Aquaculture Intends to Do on the Seafood Task Force

This week’s MARINE TIMES PODCAST guest Presenter is Teresa Morrissey, IFA Aquaculture Executive.

The MARINE TIMES offers to all fishing representative organisations and coastal communities the opportunity to provide their comment and opinions on matters of concern to the industry as guest Presenter on this Podcast series. This will provide a counterbalance to the lack of national media coverage of the industry and the often ill-informed criticism of the industry from various sources. Email the MARINE TIMES if you would like to take part.

Teresa Morrissey discusses this week, the IFA’s membership of the Seafood Task Force and difficulties arising from Brexit for the aquaculture sector. Listen Here

Podcast 6th April:
Nelson Was Wronged – Captain Bligh Did a Good Job

Two British seafarers, well-known in maritime history, are discussed on the new edition of the MARITIME IRELAND RADIO SHOW, supported by the MARINE TIMES and presented by the paper’s Deputy Editor, Tom MacSweeney. Captain Bligh is praised for his chart work in Irish waters, while the programme produces evidence that those who blew up Nelson’s Pillar in Dublin didn’t know enough about Admiral Nelson and wronged his memory. Though he had never been in Ireland, he defended an Irish revolutionary who tried to king the King of England.

This week’s MARINE TIMES PODCAST is the fortnightly maritime programme presented by Marine Times Deputy Editor, Tom MacSweeney - the MARITIME IRELAND RADIO SHOW.

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News 6th April:
Anger as Minster classes national industry voice as "not relevant"

“It’s an insult to all the people in Ireland’s coastal regions to try to simply dismiss this organisation because it is clearly rattling a few cages in Government” – Cormac Burke, IFSA Chairman

The 4,000 people in Ireland’s coastal communities who have signed up to a petition, as well as the 60-plus vessel owners and 40-plus industry companies who have already subscribed to the Irish Fishing & Seafood Alliance (IFSA) will be angered at the Parliamentary response by fisheries minister Charlie McConalogue that he appears not to see the organisation as a “recognised body”, nor is it a “relevant representative group”. Read More Here

Podcast 3rd April:
Mapping Our National Seabed

The next phase of the national seabed survey, one of the largest such surveys in the world, will be carried out on the Kerry coast. In this week’s MARINE TIMES PODCAST Sean Cullen, Head of the Marine and Coastal Unit at the Geological Survey of Ireland and INFOMAR (Integrated Mapping for the Sustainable Development of Ireland’s Marine Resource) Programme Manager, discusses the work of the survey with MARINE TIMES Deputy Editor, Tom MacSweeney. The vessel particularly associated with this work is the RV Keary, owned by the GSI and named after Raymond Keary, a pioneering marine geologist.

You can read more about the survey in the INTERVIEW feature in the April edition of the MARINE TIMES now on sale. Listen Here

News 1st April:
Wicklow RNLI assist three fishermen

The all-weather lifeboat RNLB Joanna and Henry Williams launched at 4:10pm this afternoon (Thursday 1 April) following a launch request from the Coast Guard, to assist a 10-metre fishing vessel in difficulties ten miles offshore. Read More Here

News 31st March:
Taoiseach and his FF/FG led Government Accused of Gross incompetence in allowing Brussels to sell off Irish Fishing Interests

The sector is being slashed by at least an annual €43 million cut – simply due to a government sell out: Michael Collins TD. New evidence illustrates how our Fisheries Minister and the government blindly allowed Brussels to give away Irish fishing quota during crucial Brexit negotiations. In doing so, they have betrayed not only the sector and coastal communities – but the entire country. Rural Independent TD for Cork South West Micheal Collins, has today (Wednesday 31th March) angerly rounded on the Taoiseach, during leaders questions on the floor of the Dáil, about the manner in which he and his Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie Mc McConalogue, sold out the Irish fishing industry during the Brexit negotiations. Read More Here

Ireland - the Village Idiot of the EU community

The EU Commission’s Common Fisheries Policy operates under some strange and very questionable principles, according to Cormac Burke, Chairman of the Irish Fishing & Seafood Alliance (IFSA). "If a thief entered your property and helped himself to your assets then naturally enough you would expect him to be arrested. And if the burglar persisted and continued to rob you it would be astonishing if the courts then rewarded him with the rights to continue to help himself to your assets which, the court agrees, are on your property. Read More Here

Importance of foodservice, a diversified portfolio and sector resilience key to seafood industry performance in 2020

The volume of landings into Irish ports fell by 4% in 2020, to 252,000 tonnes, this decline being driven by the Irish fleet, landing 10% less than 2019 while landing volumes of non-Irish vessels increased by 17%. The value of landings fell 18% in 2020 to €346m with the Irish fleet contributing the most to this decline falling by 26% in value. Despite the challenges of the global Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the seafood sector remained resilient and adapted to the significant market disruption it faced, according to an economic assessment of the sector carried out by Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM). Read More Here

Podcast 26th March:
Importance of Being a Fish Producer Organisation to Islanders - Jerry Early IIMRO

On this week’s MARINE TIMES PODCAST the Chairman of the Irish Islands Marine Resource Organisation – IIMRO – discusses what it means for island fishermen to now have a Fish Producers’ Organisation. Jerry Early says that there were a lot of issues to be overcome for IIMRO to be recognised as an FPO, but it will prove its value. He announces a series of regional meetings to be held to discuss the way forward in the Podcast with Deputy Editor, Tom MacSweeney. Listen Here

You can also listen to Tom MacSweeney's regular MARITIME IRELAND RADIO SHOW.

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News 23rd March:
Court of Appeal Temporarily Reinstates the Exclusion of Large Fishing Vessels Trawling in Inshore Waters Within 6 Miles of the Coast

Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Charlie McConalogue T.D., has welcomed the decision of the Court of Appeal to temporarily reinstate the Policy Directive excluding large vessels from trawling in inshore waters within 6 miles of the coast. This will apply at least until the full hearing of the case by the Court of Appeal in late June. Read More Here

Podcast 19th March:

Seafood exporters to Europe will have considerably expanded shipping services available to them from next month, avoiding the landbridge through the UK. Rosslare Europort has announced that it will have 36 weekly shipping services from the start of April.

This is one of the topics on this week’s MARINE TIMES PODCAST, the other is the call by the Islands’ Federation for a better level of consideration to be given to island communities in the delivery of Covid 19 vaccine. Comhdháil OIleán na hEireann has pointed out that the requirement for elderly islanders, where there is no local medical service available, to have to make long journeys to the mainland to be vaccinated is not reasonable.

This week’s MARINE TIMES PODCAST is the fortnightly maritime programme presented by Marine Times Deputy Editor, Tom MacSweeney - the MARITIME IRELAND RADIO SHOW.

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News 18th March:
Daylight Robbery!

Not content with getting our fish, now France wants Ireland’s BREXIT deal quota loss compensation money according to the IFSA. Ireland’s share of overall €5bn EU BREXIT fund, including the €600m earmarked as compensation for the loss of Irish fishing quotas in their own waters, is being threatened by a French plan which would see larger nations such as France and Spain gain the biggest share of the overall fund. Read More Here

Podcast 13th March:
Fishing Industry has Presented a “One Hundred Per Cent” United Front to the Minister

The fishing industry has presented a “one hundred per cent” united front to the Minister for the Marine, his Department officials and the Chairman of the new Seafood Task Force in its response to the disaster being created by the Brexit Agreement. At the inaugural meeting of the Task Force this week all sectors of the industry presented three main requirements which must be met to protect all its sectors. These are that Ireland must be treated fairly and that there be a fair sharing of the burden imposed on all EU nations by the Agreement, not the way in which Ireland has been the most harshly treated; that any financial package to help the industry should focus on the fleet and that the Task Force cannot be a short-term response to the problems that are now faced by the entire industry, that it must be kept operational for the permanent protection of the coastal, fishing communities and of all sectors of the industry that it should work on preparing Ireland’s position for the overall review of the Common Fisheries Policy.

On this week’s MARINE TIMES Podcast, Deputy Editor Tom MacSweeney reports on the discussion at the first meeting and talks to the CEO of the Irish South and West Fish Producers’ Organisation, Patrick Murphy. Listen Here

  • NEWS

    The Cosy Cartel

    An entire generation of fishermen, seafood workers, their families, and the populations of Ireland’s coastal communities are demanding a response from Ireland’s political leaders and the fishing industry’s governing authorities as to why the strongly publicised calls for defence of this sector from a corrupt EU regime are being met with a stony silence. “Among the numerous areas requiring close investigation is the Department of the Marine’s relationship with the Commission. Here we have one group of unelected officials, which is believed to be heavily infiltrated by the interests of the Spanish, French and Dutch fishing industries, instructing another group of unelected officials to implement their agenda on the Irish fishing industry” - Cormac Burke, Chairman of the Irish Fishing & Seafood Alliance (IFSA).

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  • NEWS

    The Road to Redemption – a Road Less Travelled?

    It would appear that the final chink of the light of hope for the Irish fishing and seafood industry fighting against the EU is fading but not yet fully extinguished according to a statement from the IFSA. "The Irish fishing community feels betrayed by the news that the Irish Government accepted the UK / BREXIT ‘deal’ without paying proper attention of the consequences that the fisheries element had on our industry. This news was delivered as a ‘fait accompli’ in the days before last Christmas and the devastating consequences for our industry are completely tied up as part and parcel in the overall package of the U.K.’s severance from the European Union."

    Read report here»

  • NEWS

    Treble body blow of Brexit, Covid and Quota cuts will wipe out Coastal Communities

    Coastal communities and villages face being wiped-out by a “treble body blow” of Brexit, fish quota cuts and Covid unless government policy changes dramatically and works with the Fishing industry to avert disaster, according to a new Report published by the Irish South and West Fish Producers Organisation (ISWFPO).

    Read report here»

Kilmore Quay's 'Atlantis' Now Available Nationwide at the Click of a Button »

Atlantis of Kilmore Quay, the leading seafood specialists for over 26 years, launched its e-commerce website - - this week. The advent of the site means that people all over Ireland now have access to the unrivalled range of fresh, sustainably sourced fish and seafood that Atlantis of Kilmore Quay can offer.

Having supplied top restaurants, hotels and food shops across the country successfully for many years, Atlantis of Kilmore Quay set up a home delivery service overnight to help people during the first Covid 19 lockdown to get seafood delivered to their homes so that they could avoid the risk of shopping in store. Text messages, phonecalls and Facebook messages were used to let people know what was available and to take orders. News of the service spread through word of mouth.

Red Bay and Larne RNLI bring 17 fishermen to safety after Spanish trawler gets into difficulty »

Red Bay and Larne RNLI came to the aid of 17 fisherman 11 March after their 35m Spanish trawler got into difficulty 11 miles east of Cushendall. The volunteer crews at both stations were requested to launch their all-weather lifeboats just before 7.30pm following a report from Belfast Coastguard that the trawler had lost all power and was drifting into a shipping lane.

Weather conditions at the time were challenging with Storm Force 10 gusts of up to 54 knots and high seas recorded during the course of the call out. Red Bay RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat under Coxswain Paddy McLaughlin and with five crew onboard, was on scene first to assess the situation. Larne RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat meanwhile, under Coxswain Frank Healy and with four crew members onboard, was diverted from a training exercise and made its way to the scene.

Bull Island Blues »

During early February 2021, a week of relentless bitter Siberian easterly gales kept the Irish Sea inshore fleet huddled up by the pier. When the storms finally abated, the swell continued to slosh the shoreline for a number of days before the fleet cautiously considered nudging out beyond the safety of their eastern-block-bunkers.

On the afternoon of the 15th February, Ruth McManus took advantage of a brief hiatus of the elements and ventured out for an invigorating stroll along Dollymount Strand (Bull Island, Dublin Bay) where large accumulations of flotsam, jetsam and dislodged marine biota had been violently thrown up during the previous week. Ruth observed large numbers of Hooded Crows opportunistically feasting on the massive windfall of dead and dying organisms, amongst which she noticed an unusual blue coloured crab that was dead but still fresh and remarkably intact.



    “Driven Round The Bend” by government failures and – does anyone really believe the EU Commission about the Brexit deal?

    The Managing Director of the Castletownbere Fishermen’s Co-op, John Nolan, says he is being “driven round the bend” by Government failure to appreciate and defend the fishing industry and the Chairman of the new Fisheries and Seafood Alliance, Cormac Burke, asks – Does anyone really believe that the Brexit fisheries deal was not done well in advance of when it was announced, leaving Ireland the worst hit nation.

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    Two Stories of Rescues from the Sea

    On this edition two stories of rescue from the sea – one from storm-tossed icy wastes all alone – another a forgotten child, brought to safety from a sinking passenger ship. Two stories of determination for survival.

    For 80 years Patrick Murphy has tried to find his rescuer, but has not been successful. He tells how the Maritime Museum of Ireland helped him honour the unknown rescuer. It is a powerful story that will create its own memories for the listener.

    Listen here»


    Discussing Future Marine Developments

    From fishing to buying a boatyard, a research vessel and a plane, a man from the village of Ballycotton in East Cork tells this edition of MARITIME IRELAND why he is investing €10m. in his belief in the importance of putting coastal communities and offshore wind energy developers in touch to discuss future marine developments. The programme also offers to take listeners on a 20-minute tour around five oceans inspired by Dublin solo world sailor, Gregor McGuckin and locates where the Donegal Finman has got to in his attempt to swim around Ireland.

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A spot of net mending at Ardglass by visiting vessels - Photo by Chris Feenan
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