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Well, that was the view of Siobhan Faulkner from Clogherhead on the latest edition of my radio programme, THIS ISLAND NATION.

Her family are strongly involved in the fishing industry, her husband and herself trawler owners and so is her son and that means that she is also “strongly involved” and believes passionately in the future of the fishing industry.

She was on the programme, being one of the ladies who took part in the Bord Iascaigh Mhara Podcast recordings which followed women in the seafood industry. I have broadcast a few of these Podcasts already. Siobhan made quite a big impact with listeners in the strong manner in which she put her views – and the case for more women to be involved in the fishing industry.

You can hear her on the Podcast of THIS ISLAND NATION here and one other point I’d like to raise about this edition of the programme is the destruction of public lifebuoys, a very dangerous practice, which is worst in cities and towns around the nation.

I have no hesitation in saying that I detest those who vandalise public lifebuoys. Prosecuting and convicting such people, because their actions endanger life is, without question, absolutely necessary, but new legislation to make it easier for Gardai to do so and which would provide for a five-year jail sentence for those convicted, has been held up in the Dáil for two years. Hard to understand why at a time when local authorities have to spend €50,000 a year to replace an estimated 1,500 ringbuoys that are stolen or vandalised.

“A stolen ringbuoy can be a stolen Life.” More about this on the programme also.

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  • Government Determined to Oppose Island Fisheries Licences

    Marine Department Accused of Using Regulations to Frustrate Dáil Committee

    The Department of the Marine has been accused of setting “impossible criteria” to frustrate the Irish Islands’ Marine Resource Organisation becoming a fish producer organisation.  

  • New Beamer ‘TILLY’ Arrives in Kilmore Quay

    Ireland’s first new build beamer was greeted with a huge turnout of well-wishers as she arrived in her home port of Kilmore Quay earlier this month. Named after the O’Flaherty brothers’ (Brendan, Denis, Seamus and John) mother Tilly, the arrival of the new beamer was a momentous day for the O’Flaherty family and the community of Kilmore Quay.

  • Arrival of New Deckhand Training Programme Aims to Tackle Skills Shortage in Fishing Industry

    A new deckhand training programme, aimed at attracting young entrants to the fishing industry has been announced by Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM), Ireland’s seafood development agency.

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Bord Iascaigh Mhara to Increase Visibilty of Women in Ireland’s Seafood Industry

Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM), Ireland’s Seafood Development Agency, today, 6th March 2018, launched a promotional campaign to profile the important role women play in Ireland’s Seafood Sector. The Irish Seafood Sector contributed €1.15 billion to Ireland’s GDP in 2017. However women’s participation in the industry remains low. Just over one in ten (11.7%) employees in fishing, forestry and agriculture sectors in Ireland is female. This is significantly lower than the EU average of 36.9%. ‘I'm Trudy McIntyre, from Dunmore East, Co Waterford. I'm the daughter of a fishing family and now the wife of a fisherman, Shane McIntyre with two young daughters. I came into fishing through my father, spending time with him when he was out working on the boat.'


The Future of the Legendary Galway Hookers

The legendary Galway Hookers are the subject of our monthly interview in which the Chairman of Cumann HúcéirÍ na Gaillimhe, the Galway Hookers Association, Dr. Michael Brogan, talks to Marine Times Deputy Editor, Tom MacSweeney, about the future of these iconic West of Ireland boats and says they are a maritime art, the preservation of which deserves official support. The sight of a Galway Hooker under full sail is a wonderful spectacle, which can lift the heart of anyone with a maritime feeling. To helm one is even more stirring – and demanding. The feeling of power which comes through the tiller is astonishing, as I found on the helm of the MacDuach, the biggest of the Hookers.

Great Lighthouses of Ireland RTE Documentary »

Great Lighthouses of Ireland RTE Documentary

Irish Lights has announced its involvement in a four-part documentary series with RTE 1 that tells the story of Ireland’s lighthouses and the associated aids to navigation network around the island of Ireland and the vital role it plays in ensuring safety at sea for all. The documentary, Great Lighthouses of Ireland, illustrates Irish Lights’ leading role in safe navigation at sea from the 1800s to the present day, and the advances that have taken place in relation to Aids to Navigation from an engineering and technology perspective during this period.

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Segmentation of Fleet Capacity

Art Kavanagh: I remember some years back being at a presentation from a County Manager – as they were called at the time which he entitled “Running the County as a Business”. Since then the title of County Manager has been replaced with the title of “Chief Executive” which is probably more appropriate given the size of the Business actually being managed with Huge Budgets, large Numbers of Employees and responsibilities for many aspects of life within the County.

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    Joefy checking images and of his 'younger days' in the September issue of the Marine Times in Power's Centra in Dunmore East - Photo courtesy William Power

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