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BIM launch Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) for Ireland’s Brown Crab Fishery

BIM, Ireland’s Seafood Development Agency, in partnership with key industry stakeholders from the inshore and processing sectors, are delighted to officially launch a Fisheries Improvement Project or FIP for Ireland’s brown crab fishery. The aim of a FIP is to improve the sustainable operations within a fishery and to progress to certification under the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) over a 3-5 year period.

May 11th 2017

Jim O’Toole, BIM’s CEO outlined the role this project will play in driving sustainability in the sector; “The Brown Crab Fishery Improvement Project represents a unique pre competitive partnership combining the concerted efforts of government, the industry and NGOs to address common challenges we face in securing a sustainable future for our crab fishery. We now have a coordinated industry group that will drive sustainability to ensure our fishermen and processors are achieving the best price on the market. This is an exciting development for the industry and is aligned to BIM’s Responsibly Sourced Standard, a key driver of seafood environmental and sustainability objectives outlined in the Government’s Food Wise 2025 report”

The Brown Crab FIP has been independently accepted by the NGO Fishery Progress and its details are publicly available through the website www.fisheryprogress.org. This is one of four FIPs that are scheduled for support by BIM in 2017 covering the nephrops, whitefish and albacore tuna sectors. BIM have linked the participation in registered FIPs to BIM’s Responsibly Sourced Seafood Scheme, the agency’s accreditation standard for the sector. This link provides the opportunity for actions and participation in a FIP to be independently third party verified and certified.

The FIP will focus on the key areas of sustainable sourcing – healthy fish stocks, effective fisheries management, improved quality and market performance. The activities of the FIP will be regularly tracked by Fishery Progress and performance measured against the activities and outcomes identified in the agreed work plan.

Participation in the FIP is voluntary and open to any fisherman or processor, provided they agree and implement the rules set out by the FIP stakeholders. Contact BIM, rssstandard@bim.ie or log on to marineapps.net/fip/ for more information.

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