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New Inshore Representative Organisation Incorporated

The National Inshore Fishermen's Association Company Limited by Guarantee (NIFA CLG) has recently been incorporated. According to the NIFA's Articles of Association the purpose of the NIFA CLG is to "Support the Inshore Fisheries Forums in a non-compete manner on issues of mutual interest and importance. To represent, protect and promote the interests of Inshore Fishermen operating Irish registered fishing vessels"

May 15th 2017

In a joint statement on the incorporation of the NIFA CLG, the Chairman of the newly incorporated NIFA CLG Richard Gulidea and the Chairman of the National Inshore Fisheries Forum (NIFF) Alex Crowley, said "We see this as a very positive step in the representation of Inshore Fisheries in Ireland. The NIFF realised a while back the potential benefits of forming a legal entity to support the Inshore Fisheries Forums, which could also allow the wider Inshore Sector make full use of the Forums. The trigger for this thinking happened in 2016 when the NIFF made a request to An Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM) to engage a consultant on behalf of the NIFF to put a pre-budget submission together on the issue of Social Protection.

"BIM being a state agency which cannot engage in "lobbying" the state unfortunately could not meet that request. We can't overstate the support the Inshore Fisheries Forums receive from the State, from DAFM and the agencies under its remit, namely the Marine Institute, the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority but in particular BIM who facilitate the process, however their remit place limits on how much they can do for us. In common with all walks of life there are things we will just have to do for ourselves. As a result a number of members within the NIFF began looking at the formation of a legal entity to address this.

"The formation of a legal entity will position us to make full use of the EMFF in doing just that. The NIFF and the NIFA intend to develop a memorandum of understanding to put the relationship between the two on a formal footing. This as important as it deals with any potential conflict of interest issues, the purpose of the NIFA CLG is to work with and support the NIFF and the RIFFs, not to compete or oppose them. It's very important to get that message out at this early stage, this is not a split in the camp or some breakaway group from NIFF. The NIFA also intend to open its membership to the wider Inshore sector in the not so distant future. It is hoped by the NIFA that this will allow "grass roots industry" make full use of the process that is the Inshore Fisheries Forums."

May 2017 Issue - Vol 29 No.12

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