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Irish South and West Says Industry is ‘Dying On Its Feet’ Despite Irish Waters Holding 20% of European Fishing Waters

“Relative Stability is a Rigged System Which is Decimating the Irish Fishing Industry”

The Irish South and West Fish Producers’ Organisation has challenged all General Election candidates to make their policy positions about the fishing industry clearly and publicly known.

This is an industry response, in the midst of the General Election campaign during which political parties have issued a plethora of political policies about a wide variety of topics, but when there has been an evident lack of priority shown in these policies towards the industry.

ISWFPO Chairman and well-known fisherman, Damien Turner and the Organisation’s Chief Executive, Patrick Murphy, have made this a core issue in the Election, emphasising widespread concern about the future of the fishing industry. They want to know if candidates will commit themselves publicly to campaign for the total removal of the concept of “Relative Stability” from the EU Common Fisheries Policy.

“What specifically is your position on the concept, first introduced into Governance of the EU Fishing Industry in the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) of January 1983?” they ask. They describe this as “the rigged share-out of fishing resources leading to the decimation of the Irish Fishing Industry and Coastal Communities.”

In an open letter to all candidates they have identified eight ‘Red Line’ issues for Irish Fishing Industry which, they say, “is dying on its feet” despite the fact that, at present, Ireland holds some 20% (approx) of Europe’s Fishing Waters bearing in excess of 30% of Fish-Stocks.

These figures, they say, will undergo dramatic expansion post-Brexit at which point Ireland will hold almost 30% of Europe’s Fishing Waters bearing upwards of 43% of Europe’s Fish Stocks.

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