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Podcast: Aquaculture Is Not Getting the Limelight It Should IFA Calls For Special Attention

Aquaculture does not get enough attention as a vital source of seafood supply and must be given access to EMFF Funding during the current COVID crisis. Like all other industries aquaculture must be enabled to survive, the IFA Aquaculture’s Executive, Teresa Morrissey, has told the MARINE TIMES in a wide-ranging interview about the sector.

Listen to the Podcast here

She said that renewal issues at the present time in the licencing system must not be allowed inhibit assistance in the pandemic crisis. These cannot be a deciding factor in funding assistance in the middle of a major world crisis, Ms.Morrissey said. The importance of aquaculture to the coastal, rural and offshore islands, must be recognised and given full appreciation and support.

While backlog issues in shellfish licencing have been resolved, there is still a lot of work to be done in the finfish sector, she said. Licencing has presented on-going difficulties for aquaculture development over many years.

“We don’t get the limelight as much as our counterparts in agriculture and fisheries, but nonetheless aquaculture is playing a huge role in terms of food security. This crisis highlights the need for aquaculture. Primary food production sources such as aquaculture will be needed for the future.”