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The Industry Strikes Back

There is a considerable level of anger within the fishing industry over Irish national media coverage which described Ireland as heavily overfishing, based on questionable analysis by a British research group that has a strong environmental background. The analysis has also been contradicted by the EU Maritime Directorate.

Too often, the fishing industry has suffered such unwarranted criticism and not sufficiently hit back. This time it is different and the industry has struck back strongly, describing aspects of the media coverage as “unfair” and “poor journalism”.

It is time that the industry defended its reputation. This paper has often highlighted the importance of the industry doing so.

Our Podcast this week hears that fishermen are “fed up” with Irish national media coverage that uses public relations ‘spin’ seemingly unchecked, unverified and unchallenged. It is also a media that gives little support to the fishing industry.

Perhaps, however, the tide may be turning and the industry may stand up for itself more and notice will be taken of that. This week the local Cork daily newspaper, THE ECHO, printed an editorial leading article which called on the incoming government to give much more support to the fishing industry.

“Sadly, historic fishing rights allocations within the EU have left Ireland, an island nation, severely disadvantaged, which has been terribly unfair to our fishing and coastal communities. In an era of flux, after Brexit, the time has now come for Ireland to secure a better deal,” the paper said.

This type of media coverage is what the fishing industry needs and deserves.

The MARINE TIMES welcomes the industry striking back against its critics and will continue to be a strong voice for the fishing industry.