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Fish Producer Organisations Meet With Minister

The country’s Fish Producers’ Organisations discussed with the Marine Minister, Michael Creed, this week the need for a temporary tie-up for the Irish fleet due to the Covid-19 situation and assistance to the industry. There was, the MARINE TIMES is told, “unity amongst the FPOs and NIFFO” who were also part of the meeting, about the need for assistance. Such unity within the industry is interesting. Responses are awaited. The Minister was criticised for not participating in the last meeting, as reported last week by the MARINE TIMES. There was reluctance to comment on the meeting and its outcome by participants. No decisions have so far been communicated. Listen also in this regard to the Podcast.

Meanwhile, the MARINE TIMES is still waiting for answers to these questions, put to the Minister’s Department almost two weeks ago.

1) The fishing industry and Aquaculture sectors have contended that they believe all EMFF funding was not allocated? Has it been allocated and, if so, why are some sectors complaining that they have not benefited?

2) The Minister indicates that the fleet should keep fishing, but the markets have "collapsed" according to industry organisations by 50 per cent, so if the Minister is intending to tell the industry to continue fishing, to what limits?

3) For storage proposal - are there sufficient storage facilities available? Industry sources challenge that there are? What percentage of any catch taken will go to storage?

4) The Aquaculture sector has not been referred to in relation to the proposed meeting tomorrow. This sector says it has not been contacted and that it also has serious issues. Our previous question raised in relation to aquaculture has not been answered, no reference to aquaculture is made in the answer.