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How Can This Be Fair Treatment?

The MARINE TIMES takes pride in its claim to be Ireland’s leading maritime newspaper, in which role we seek to reflect the opinions of the fishing industry, the coastal communities and the maritime sector.

There are times in marine journalism when we come across issues which we find difficult to understand. So it is this week, as we reflect on the €50m. allocated to beef farmers, all State money, no money from the EU to fund the commitment to farming, a point which the Government announcement of the funding emphasised. That announcement was followed within a few days, notably ‘Bloomsday’ by an extra €25m. for the Arts.

Compare that with how the State treated the fishing industry – a miserable temporary tie-up package for the next few months. Costed on the take-up for the first month, the total cost of it if that average take-up continued continues would be about a quarter-of-a-million Euro - just €250,000 - for the fishing industry, compared with €75m. for beef farmers and the Arts.

And, despite six requests having being made to Government by the aquaculture sector – no offer at all of assistance to fish farmers from the State.

So, why is there such disregard for the fishing industry in all its forms?

We find this Government attitude inexplicable, but it is certainly not fair.