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Government Discrimination!

As the MARINE TIMES returns to printed publication after three months of enforced suspension due to Covid 19 it is necessary, as Ireland’s leading maritime newspaper, to highlight State discrimination against the fishing industry and the aquaculture sector.

This paper seeks to speak for the interests of the fishing industry so, in resuming publication, we have taken the step which newspapers do when they believe that a very important and serious issue has arisen – moving our editorial comment to the front page as the main story in the paper.

By comparison with the €50m. made available by Government to beef farmers and €25m. to the Arts, fishing will get about €250,000 in Covid 19 assistance from the State, according to projections compiled by the country’s four fish producer organisations.

This is a discriminatory decision by Government against the fishing industry and aquaculture.

Read more in the MARINE TIMES out now.