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Go Domhain san Fhuil (Deep in the Blood)

A day in the life of the few remaining boats that fish out of Magheraroarty in the Donegal Gaeltacht. Fishing is an inter-generational activity in many Gaeltacht communities, including Magheraroarty in West Donegal. It's a small horseshoe shaped bay, with a stone pier facing out towards Inis Bó Finne, a small island with a strong link to the mainland.

Deep in the Blood (part 1): BBC2, Monday 29th June 2020 @ 10pm)
Páirt 2 ar an Luain 6ú mí Iúil / Part 2 on Monday July 6th @ 10pm

Go Domhain san Fhuil is a 2 part series for BBC Gaeilge featuring three of the few remaining boats that fish out of Machaire Rabhartaigh in the Donegal Gaeltacht. Two of the boats, owned by John O'Brien and his son Colm, fish commerically for crab, staying out for up to two days at a time in all but the most difficult of weather conditions.

The third boat belongs to Peadar Coll. He fishes closer ashore as government restrictions on fishing make it almost impossible for small scale boats to earn a living from this most traditional of livelihoods. While the decline in the number of boats fishing locally is impossible to deny, what's harder to shake is what's 'in the blood', the generational instinct to fish in the Atlantic, whatever the circumstances.