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“Sending Britain Down A Road to Nowhere”

There is increasing concern about the outcome of the Brexit negotiations and the impact upon the Irish industry should current access to UK waters be restricted. This weekend we report that the UK Fisheries Bill has passed all stages in the House of Lords and has gone to the House of Commons for finalising. We also report that UK fishing organisations have united to press their politicians to deliver on the promise of leaving the Common Fisheries Policy.

It is informative to look back at opinions expressed by previous Prime Ministers about EU membership. This is what then PM Tony Blair intended to say on September 12, 2001 when he was to speak to the British Trades Union Congress in attempting to gain public acceptance for the UK to join the Euro. “Britain’s proper place is at the centre of Europe as a leading partner in European development. What other nation anywhere, with such a strategic alliance on its doorsetep, at the crux of international politics, would isolate itself from that alliance, not out of accident, but design? It would be an absurd denial of our own self-interest. That would not be standing up for Britain, it’s sending Britain down a road to nowhere.”

That speech was never delivered because of the attacks on the Twin Towers and other areas of the USA the day before, September 11, 2001. The UK did not join the Euro.

Is it now on that “road to nowhere”?