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Podcast: Aquaculture Not Understood

There could be at least one very positive benefit from Covid 19 and that is the level of interest being taken in Nature by the Irish population. That could particularly benefit the marine sphere, says our guest on this week’s MARINE TIMES PODCAST, Dr. Simon Berrow who is Chief Executive of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group and a columnist with the Marine Times.

He says that the National Biodiversity Data Centre has experienced a big increase in the number of reports received from the general public. The IWDG has said that “it is with great disappointment we have learned of the new government’s proposal to move the responsibility for nature and biodiversity (including the National Parks and Wildlife Services) to the Department of Housing. "As we face a biodiversity and climate change crisis, it is essential that environmental concerns be given the full consideration that they require in a designated Ministerial Department."

Listen to Simon's Podcast here