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Podcast: “There Are Very Few People Not Interested In The Marine Area”

Ireland’s National Aquarium is involved in a series of projects to widen appreciation and understanding of the maritime sector. Dr. Nóirín Burke, Director of Education at Galway Atlantiquaria, says “there are very few people who are not interested in the marine area.”

The Aquarium has announced that it is partnering in the global Virtual Island Summit to take place online from 7-13 September this year. “Island communities in Ireland can connect with an estimated 10,000 other islanders across the world,” says Dr.Burke, who is the guest on this week’s MARINE TIMES PODCAST.

She discusses with Marine Times Deputy Editor Tom MacSweeney how young people all over Ireland have shown considerable in the sea and about the development of the Irish Ocean Literary Network.

Listen to Dr. Nóirín Burke's Podcast here

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