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United Nations Agency Says Safety Agreement Crucial For Fishermen

The United Nations agency for safety at sea, the International Maritime Organisation, has said that the entry into force of the Cape Town Agreement on fishing vessel safety will be crucial for improved safety at sea for fishermen and will support the fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing

Norway Wants Brexit Agreement With UK

The Norwegian government has made it clear that the country wants to negotiate a comprehensive free trade agreement with the UK by the end of this year so that it can continue to sell its salmon and whitefish without serious disruption. The UK is Norway’s fourth largest export market for seafood, mainly cod, haddock, farmed salmon and shellfish, and is currently worth almost seven billion kroner (£600 million) a year.

Australia Identifies Giant’s Babies!

Scientists in Australia have identified the babies of one of the world's biggest fishes — the mola, or sunfish. They are so small that a dozen of them could fit on a fingertip. Adult sunfish are the heaviest bony fish in the world, measuring up to 10 feet (3 metres) long and weighing more than 4,400 lbs. (2,000 kilograms). The adults look like flattened pancakes topped by a massive dorsal fin like a shark's, with short bodies and no tail fin.

Going Local In Scotland

Seafood Scotland has launched a campaign to help Scottish seafood businesses attract more customers through the use of free marketing directories to reach a greater consumer audience. With huge swathes of the seafood export market closed off due to the Covid-19 crisis this is intended to establish markets closer to home that maximise the appetite for local produce, developing a consumer offering for the first time, home delivery options and click and collect services.

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