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Cultural Values In Small-Scale Fisheries Management

The cultural heritage associated with the sea, fishing and the small-scale fleets and how to value that contribution so that it can be accounted for in State decision-making and policies is to be discussed in a Webinar on Wednesday week, September 9, arranged by BIM. Free participation is available.

“This is part of the Cabfishman international project involving Spain, Portugal, France and the UK which addresses common issues facing small-scale fleets along the Atlantic,” according to Richard Curtin, Senior Economist with BIM. “A crucial element is the assessment of cultural heritage associated with the sea, fishing and the small-scale fleets. The role of cultural values in the management of small-scale fisheries in the Northeast Atlantic and how these values can be more adequately accounted for will be explored.”

The Webinar will be held at 2 p.m. on Wednesday week. It is open to public attendance. Fishers, managers, officials, and those with an interest in the future co-management of small-scale fisheries in Ireland are actively encouraged to attend. For registration go to:

“One of the tasks of the project is to collate examples of cultural heritage and to create an open-access library of these examples that can be added to over time. From an Irish perspective we have collated over 400 examples, ranging from artwork by Paul Henry and others, traditional craftsmanship such as currach-making, to ancient fishing knowledge,” said Mr.Curtin.


"More than they gave fishing vessel owners at the most difficult time in their history."

That was some of the response from the fishing industry to the Government announcement of continued support for Social Farming under Rural Innovation and Development Fund. Is the Government still of "land-bound" mentality?