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Millions Arrive in Achill!

It was described as “a rare and freak occurrence in Achill” when, on the evening tide, “millions of sprat came into Purteen Harbour and thousands of mackerel followed to feast on them.” Locals in the Mayo coastal harbour got the fishing rods out and a dog was even reported to have caught fish! “The Jack Russell caught about 10 mackerel on his own.” Pictures of this “sprat and mackerel invasion” are on the What’s On In Achill FACEBOOK PAGE.

Invasive Species Threaten Shannon

Invasive chub have been confirmed in the River Inny in Longford, according to Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI).A single fish was caught on rod and line at one of a number of places where IFI staff recorded possible sightings following reports from members of the public. Chub are non-native to Ireland. They have the potential to compete with native species for food and space as well as be a carrier of fish diseases and parasites.

The River Inny, a tributary of the Shannon, is the only Irish river in which they have been recorded so far. Removal operations between 2006 and 2010 were thought to have eradicated the species from the system. It is not clear whether the current chub are linked to the original population or were more recently introduced. The threat of chub spreading through the Shannon system “is of real and pending concern to the biodiversity of Ireland’s biggest catchment”, says the fisheries body.