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New Figures Show A Drop in Landings from Irish Vessels Last Year

Figures just released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) show that landings by Irish vessels decreased by almost 19,000 tonnes last year, a drop of 8.9%. Last year, 194,956 tonnes were landed by Irish vessels compared to 213,897 tonnes in 2018.

The statistics showed that ‘landings by Irish vessels into Irish ports dropped by 5.7% or 10,453 tonnes. Landings by Irish vessels in foreign ports decreased by 28.7% or 8,487 tonnes. Landings by foreign vessels in Ireland decreased by 22% or 29,091 tonnes.

The highest level of landings by Irish vessels in Ireland during 2010-2019 was in 2012 when 249,205 tonnes were landed. The highest level of landings by Irish vessels in foreign ports during the same period was in 2010 when 153,440 tonnes were landed. Almost half of this (73,535 tonnes) was Boarfish.

In 2019 the species with the largest quantities landed by Irish vessels in Ireland were Atlantic Mackerel (45,986 tonnes), Blue Whiting (33,548 tonnes) and Horse Mackerel (27,898 tonnes).

Over the 2010-2019 period, Atlantic Mackerel and Lobster Norway have consistently been the two species with the highest value landings, a pattern continued in 2019 with Atlantic Mackerel at €66.7 million and Lobster Norway at €51.1 million.’

In terms of prices, lobsters, Black sole and Turbot obtained the highest prices. The median price per tonne of lobsters in 2019 was €18,000. In contrast species with much higher tonnages, like Atlantic Mackerel, obtained lower prices.

The statistics also showed that ‘Killybegs was the most important port for Irish landings in 2019 accounting for 63.1% (123,067 tonnes) of all landings by Irish vessels. Killybegs (74,693 tonnes) and Castletownbere (23,329 tonnes) were the ports with the highest tonnages landed by foreign vessels in Ireland.

The Celtic Sea accounted for 28% (48,620 tonnes) of catch tonnages by Irish vessels that were landed in Ireland in 2019. The South-West of Ireland was next highest at 22.6% (39,295 tonnes), followed by the West of Ireland at 12.9% (22,431 tonnes).’ The busiest months of 2019 in terms of tonnes landed were January to April with 64% of the catch landed by Irish vessels, and October to December.