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Fishing Communities and Offshore Wind Energy Companies

A partnership intended to improve communications between fishing communities and developers of offshore wind energy projects in Irish waters was announced this week. Green Rebel Marine was established in Cork to service offshore wind farms, It announced the “strategic partnership” with Fisheries Liaisons Ltd., with the purpose of becoming “a key factor in communicating with the wider marine and fishing community as development of offshore wind farms picks up pace.”

“The relationship is designed to ensure coastal communities are consulted with in advance of any work and fully informed of the latest developments involving wind farm operations,” a joint statement said.

Plans for offshore wind farms are at an advanced stage with a number of potential fixed and floating operators examining sites along the coast from Dundalk in County Louth, to the Cork coast and other locations.

The founder of Green Rebel Marine, Pearse Flynn, said: “Having come from a fishing community, I really appreciate the importance of the industry to livelihoods around the coast. The roll out of offshore wind will cross with the fishing industry at a number of points, and this new relationship with Fisheries Liaisons Ltd will mean that fishermen and their representatives organisations will be kept in the loop at all times. We aim to create a one-stop-shop between the fishing sector, their communities and the energy companies looking to place wind farms in Irish territorial waters. This new sector will create jobs and secure the future of our coastal communities.”

Fisheries Liaison Limited has three full time staff, who will be based from the headquarters of Green Rebel Marine in Crosshaven, Co Cork, all having fishing community backgrounds.

Mark O’Reilly of Fisheries Liaisons Ltd said the partnership would provide “a platform to safeguard fishing communities whilst enabling the development of offshore renewable energy towards a greener future. With energy companies now looking to place infrastructure at sea, we need to ensure that there is advance engagement at every turn.

Photo shows Mark O'Reilly, Trudy McIntyre and David Hyde of Fisheries Liaisons at Crosshaven.