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New Lifeboat Operations Manager at Wicklow RNLI

Retired Garda Inspector Mary Aldridge has been appointed Lifeboat Operations Manager (LOM) at Wicklow RNLI following the recent retirement of Des Davitt. She will be responsible for managing all operational activities at the station as well as authorising the launch of the lifeboats. She joined Wicklow lifeboat Station as volunteer Deputy Launching Authority four years ago.

A member of the Garda Siochana for over 30 years she transferred from Dublin to Wicklow in 2007 and served as Inspector there until retirement in 2014. She was Liaison Inspector for County Wicklow for Major Emergency Management and served with the United Nations (UNPROFOR) for 12 months during the Balkan conflict in former Yugoslavia in 1993/1994. She is an avid sea swimmer and former Secretary and Vice-Chairperson of Wicklow Swimming Club.

Open Water Swimmers Must Take More Care

The Coast Guard, RNLI and Water Safety Ireland have urged Open Water swimmers to take more care following an increase in the number of emergency call-outs to the rescue services from the sector.

Over the past week eight separate incidents arose in the Dublin/Wicklow area alone, with a number of other incidents being reported around the country. Most people who participate in open water swimming do so safety but some and in particular those who are new to the sport may be unaware of important safety measures which can help them avoid getting into difficulty, according to a joint statement issued on Friday by the RNLI and Coast Guard.

“Mindful of the increased level of participation in open water swimming and an increased demand being placed on SAR services, the Coast Guard and the RNLI are asking the public to familiarise themselves with key safety measures before engaging in the activity. Open water swimming is a relatively safe activity when done with the correct knowledge and some preparation. Also those who are new to the sport can protect their own well-being by observing some key safety precautions.