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    Hello, Tom MacSweeney here with this week’s MARINE TIMES THIS ISLAND NATION PODCAST. A fisherman from County Down has given an example, through his dying bequest how North/South friendship of the sea can cross the Border between North and South and the support of the Newry, Mourne & Down District Council, for his wish has further underlined that the divide between the two parts of Ireland does not need to exist when friendship can surpass it.

    The Old Head of Kinsale dominates the South Cork coastline. Eleven miles off that headland, the liner Lusitania was sunk by a German submarine on the 7th of May 1915 during World War One. Of the 1,962 passengers and crew aboard, 1,198 lost their lives.

    A davit is part of the system to launch lifeboats from ships and one of them, from the Lusitania, has been given to the Lusitania Museum in the 200-year-old Signal Tower at the Old Head of Kinsale… It is a good story of North-South co-operation.

    That story is how I lead off this week’s Podcast from my THIS ISLAND NATION radio programme (click on photo to listen), which also includes the fascinating story of love and romance amongst the Tysties on the Irish coastal clifftops.

    There is always something interesting to hear about Irish maritime life.

    You can hear the current THIS ISLAND NATION radio programme on this player ....

Latest News

  • €23.5m Investment for a Major Quay Extension in Castletownbere

    Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed T.D., has attended the signing of a contract for a €23.5 million, 216m long quay development project and associated works on Dinish Island, Castletownbere.

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  • UCC scientists reveal submarine canyon on edge of Ireland’s continental shelf

    A UCC-led group of scientists from across the globe have revealed the stunning details of a submarine canyon on the edge of Ireland’s continental shelf, 320 km west of Dingle, after mapping an area twice the size of Malta. The group has returned this morning (August 10) after a research expedition onboard the RV Celtic Explorer with Holland I ROV, mapping 1800 km2 of seabed to image the upper canyon over a fortnight.

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  • Fethard RNLI officially name lifeboat Naomh Dubhán in a ceremony with a strong emphasis on community

    Volunteers with Fethard RNLI gathered at the lifeboat station over the weekend (Saturday 30 June) for a naming ceremony and a service of dedication for their new lifeboat Naomh Dubhán. In glorious sunshine, operations crew, fundraisers, station management, friends and supporters came along to mark the occasion.

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  • Department of the Marine Has “Suffered” Says the Minister – But Not A Word About the Suffering of Fishermen

    So, the Minister for the Marine believes his Department has “suffered” because Fianna Fáil made a “reckless decision” to vote down the last attempt by that Department to force through legislation which the fishing industry opposed, because it discriminated against fishermen in a manner which sought to “criminalise” them in a manner to which no other section of the Irish population was subjected.

  • Non EEA Workers Latest

    For your information. The following text has been received by some Skippers from their Egyptian Crewmen in recent days. The text has allegedly been sent to all Egyptian workers, a copy of which was presented to the Marine Times Newspaper for confirmation of authenticity for which we are still awaiting. The text states that the ITF has served notice on the Justice Minister and that permit renewals will only be possible up to the end of the month, however there has been no confirmation of this from the Minister.

  • All Ireland Coastal Rowing - Photo Special

    Rowers coming off the water in the evening light at the All Ireland Coastal Rowing Championships 2018. The event was  hosted by the Irish Coastal Rowing Federation with the assistance of local Troll & Maudlintown Rowing Clubs. See pages 34-36 for more images with photos courtesy Valerie O’Sullivan.

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Bord Iascaigh Mhara to Increase Visibilty of Women in Ireland’s Seafood Industry

Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM), Ireland’s Seafood Development Agency, today, 6th March 2018, launched a promotional campaign to profile the important role women play in Ireland’s Seafood Sector. The Irish Seafood Sector contributed €1.15 billion to Ireland’s GDP in 2017. However women’s participation in the industry remains low. Just over one in ten (11.7%) employees in fishing, forestry and agriculture sectors in Ireland is female. This is significantly lower than the EU average of 36.9%. ‘I'm Trudy McIntyre, from Dunmore East, Co Waterford. I'm the daughter of a fishing family and now the wife of a fisherman, Shane McIntyre with two young daughters. I came into fishing through my father, spending time with him when he was out working on the boat.'

This Island Nation »

This Island Nation

In this edition of the programme, we go from a story of romance and love on the coastal clifftops of Ireland to the problems which submarines chasing each other could be causing to – and killing- whales. Coincidentally, when the latter story came to me I had been reading a book “Hunter Killers” by Ian Ballantyne, the “untold story of the Royal Navy’s most secret service.” The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group is investigating the number of Cuvier’s beaked whales arriving on Irish shores and whether the noise of sonar pinging as submarines of different nations chase each other off the Irish coastline, could be causing whales to die from “the bends.” A more positive aspect of the marine environment is romance of the Tystie on Irish clifftops. The way history repeats itself is happening off the Mayo coastline and then there is the davit from the Lusitania, returned to Kinsale by the dying wish of a County Down fisherman and, you can hear about the “Queen of the North Atlantic.” As ever, a wide variety in the maritime programme, THIS ISLAND NATION. THIS ISLAND NATION is presented by Marine Times Deputy Editor, Tom MacSweeney.


Dublin Port says Further Expansion Will Not Require More Infilling of Dublin Bay - End of A Process Which Commenced in the 18th Century

DUBLIN PORT has ruled out future expansion of the port which would affect Dublin Bay. In a review of its Masterplan devised to manage the future of the port until 2040 and to meet an expected growth rate of 3.8% annually it says that capacity to cope with this can be managed without further infill into Dublin Bay and that the option of expanding eastwards into the bay has been ruled out.

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Minister Creed & the 6 Mile Zone Exclusion Public Consultation

European Union Rules do not allow the exclusion of Irish fishing boats from their traditional fishing grounds inside six and twelve miles, says Patrick Murphy, CEO of the Irish South and West Fish Producers’ Organisation. 'The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed recently launched a Public Consultation on trawling within the 6 nautical mile coastal zone. This consultation is taking place after a number of concerns were raised by stakeholders regarding the level of trawling inside the 6nm zone.''

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