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SFPA hold first meeting with Ireland’s newest Producer Organisation the National Inshore Fishermen’s Association

The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) held its first meeting on the 12th April 2023, with the National Inshore Fishermen’s Association (NIFA) who were formally recognised as an EU Producer Organisation earlier this year. The NIFA representing over 120 inshore fishers are Ireland’s newest recognised Fisheries representative organisation.

Pictured at SFPA’s Head Office in Clonakilty, from l – r: Jonathan Hoare (SFPA Authority) Kieran Healy (NIFA), Michael Foley (NIFA), Michael Finn (SFPA Authority), Michael Desmond (NIFA Chairman), and Paschal Hayes (SFPA Authority).

Commenting on the meeting, SFPA Chairman Paschal Hayes said: “I congratulate NIFA on their recognition as an EU Producer Organisation. The promotion of compliance with Sea-Fisheries Law is an important element of the work of the SFPA. It is important to avail of the opportunity for on-going dialogue with the representatives of a large cohort of inshore fishermen. Such interaction provides the opportunity to build mutual understanding of each other’s roles. I welcome NIFA’s commitment to sustainable fishing and our mutual determination to eradicate illegal fishing and look forward to working with them in this regard in the years ahead.”